Who is Clive Goddard?


Clive Goddard is a well known recording engineer from London but if you're looking for him you've come to wrong website. I'm not him. I'm the other one.

I'm the one that draws cartoons, illustrates children's non-fiction books and writes funny novels for kids. I'm also the one who lives in East Oxford with his screenwriter wife, Amy, and an ever decreasing number of cats and children. I draw caricatures to order (which rarely offend or result in litigation) and I offer school visits with cartoon drawing workshops or creative writing workshops... or both.

I was born in the innocuous little village of Thatcham in Berkshire at the very beginning of the swinging sixties. Unfortunately I managed to miss all the swinging by being at school and, of course, by being in Berkshire. As soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon I decided I wanted to be a gag cartoonist. Personally, I blame the late, great Roland Fiddy whose cartoons I grew up with in the otherwise tediously educational ‘Look & Learn’ magazine. Blessed with generous parents, I was hurriedly furnished with a copy of ‘How to be a Cartoonist’ by Walter T Foster which I studied thoroughly despite it being about 40 years out of date.

Since then I have been published in numerous UK and US publications and had regular cartoon spots in the New Statesman, Private Eye, Zoo and even the Sun on Sunday.

Email me: clive@clivegoddard.com

I'm the chairman of the UK's Professional

Cartoonists' Organisation (PCO)