Hello, I'm Clive Goddard, a man who wears three distinct hats.

Four if you include the furry one with the ear-flaps.

1:  A professional cartoonist, published in Private Eye, Prospect, Punch, Playboy etc, as well as commissions for the BBC, American Express, Oxford University Press, Specsavers & many others..

2: An illustrator of non-fiction children's books for Scholastic including the 'Horribly Famous' series, 'Bonkers Books' and the 'Totally' series.

3: A writer of children's books including the award-winning 'Fintan Fedora the World's Worst Explorer' series.

4: The furry one with ear-flaps.

I live in Oxford UK but am happy to travel for live drawing events at conferences etc (see Visualisation above) and to run cartooning workshops in schools and libraries (see Schools above).


Fintan Fedora & the Mythical Brazilian Chocoplum

Fintan's adventures in the rainforest have been

adapted into a feature length screenplay which

was an official selection at the International

Family Film Festival 2013.

I retain all rights to the book & the screenplay so
let's make a movie!

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People often ask me where I got the idea to write about an accident prone young explorer who has no sense of direction and I have to admit that a lot of it is based on my own experiences.

Like the time I was chased by an angry ostrich in Swaziland, and when my rucksack got soaked by a leaky toilet in the Netherlands. Then there was the time I got heatstroke in Namibia, food poisoning in Thailand and a sunburnt back in Hawaii that made me look like a Japanese flag.

I also managed to get robbed in China (twice in one week), lost my camera in Tasmania and had my only bank card eaten by a machine in Singapore. I missed a flight to Iceland and got stuck in America for a week due to volcanic eruptions. While in South Africa I got bitten by a venomous spider and ended up in casualty after running right through a large glass door.